Friday, May 2, 2014

The Obligatory First Post

So here it is.

The first post.

Time to get it out of the way.

Currently, this is my little secret. If you are reading this, welcome. I assume you happened over here by accident but you are very welcome. I am sure the grandparents will know about this soon, but otherwise, I think I will be aiming this towards a rather small audience. Keep it intimate like, you know.

For now, this is for me. A record of my small and beautiful world. I keep thinking there are things I will never forget. That I could never forget. Sadly, my memory is not the steel trap I thought it would be. There will be pictures, mostly taken with my phone as I just can't seem to take the time to learn how to use my fancy camera. But that's okay. Pictures rarely tell the whole story. In fact, they can often tell a story that is very different from reality. In this space, they will be here to jog my memory. And if my memory starts to add little stories of its own, perhaps highlighting those tender moments and softening the somewhat harsher ones, so be it. That is rather a beautiful process in itself.

There will also be, I hope, a rather extensive record of our homeschooling journey. I have three little ones and I am hoping to not have to reinvent the wheel with each child.

And then there will just be...stuff...that I like...because....well, because I like it.

And to my future self who is reading this over again, hello. Smile. Isn't this a wonderful journey we are on?